Our school governors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and provide a balance of skills to our school. If you'd like the chance to make a real difference to young people, we'd welcome you on our team! Please contact us at pohannelly@beenham.w-berks.sch.uk.

School Monitoring

2020, 29th May:

Well-being of Head Teacher, Staff

2020, 19th May:

Health and Safety (COVID-19)

2020, 17th March:

Laptops for Home Learning

2020, 4th February:

Reading and English

2019, 12th December:

History and Geography

2019, 16th October:


2019, 15th September:


School Forums

School Forums are an opportunity for parents and carers to meet with governors and the Head Teacher to raise any issues or to have a general discussion.

The most recent Forums were held on:

29th January 2020
6th June 2019

Our meetings scheduled for 7th March 2020 and 20th June 2020 were postponed until further notice due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

To contact governors, please email:


Parent Surveys

2020, May:

Schooling during Lockdown

2019, December:

Questionnaire at School Nativity Play

2019, July:

Year 6 Exit Survey

2018, December:

Questionnaire at School Nativity Play

2018, July:

Questionnaire at School Play